The impact of the earthquake and tsunami caused a terrible disaster to Northeast Japan, as you know. We are deeply thinking of all the victims of this earthquake and praying for them in this time of loss and would like cheer up the sufferers and boost the country's recovery as much as possible.

OUEN Corp., YELLOW BLAZE TATTOO has decided to donate all proceeds from the T-shrts and art print which are selling at our web-shop (except fees and expenses for shipping, e-collect and credit card system). It is something small for this situation, but we hope this project helps a little bit at least to bring your helping hand to the sufferers.

The money collected will be distributed among the affected population of the earthquake and tsunami by Japanese Red Cross Society. We would appreciate it if you could tell our project to as many people as possible by your blog or SNS.

We express our heartfelt sympathy to all the victims and pray for being reduced the number of victims.

The product launch might be delayed for the period such as the conventions. Please confirm information. Thank you for your understanding.
Shipping & Handling: 3000 JPY ---> PayPal settlement

East Japan earthquake disaster charity T- shirt beginning to sell.
I produced charity T-shirt collaborate with my friend Jeff Gogue (USA) to the earthquake and tsunami victims.
Wishing all suffers and all Japanese be able to rise up "HOPE" in their heart.

Dear our people, please raise the spirits of HOPE!!
Shigenori Iwasaki (SHIGE)
FULL PRICE of the T-shirt will be donated to Japanese Red Cross.
And also, all proceeds from the art print and T-shirts(Charity object commodity) which are selling at our web-shop will be donated.

Bodycolor: Black
Print:Gold + Japanese Red
5000 JPY (Tax-included)

100 Limited.

(Sorry, sold out.)

18000 JPY (Tax-included)

Size: 500*900mm
5000 JPY (Tax-included)

Size: 600*900mm
5000 JPY (Tax-included)

Size: 600*824mm
5000 JPY (Tax-included)

Size: 590*900mm
5000 JPY (Tax-included)

Size: 420*592mm
3000 JPY (Tax-included)