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Barekijin The Guardian Deity of The Horse.

It holds two swords on both hands topped by a Monkey and Sekirei (wagtail).

Within the Chronicles of Japan, Japanese mythology states that Izanagi and Izanami (Makers / Creators of Japan) came to this universe on a bird, Sekirei. In that regard, Sekirei is referred to as the teacher of all things and an almighty God that rules over for life.

Since ancient times, Monkeys have been horses' guardian deity. In the old days, stables would have a shrine on top of the pillars where monkey's skulls and bones were worshipped.

Horses represent people's strength, family ties and bonding. He also embodies the Faith virtue.

In modern Japan, there are still many stone monuments of Barekijin around highways. But the signification has two meanings: to protect horses, and also a prayer for the safety of the journey of the people.
"BAREKIJIN" Hanga, After the creative process that also extends to more than six months, has finally we started selling. This print is a quality of the highest level in Japan.

Giclee Print with 1 Gold Peal color by Stencil Print on Rag 308gsm acd free, 100% Cotton Paper.

Limited Edition Hanga "BAREKIJIN" print of 30.
Each print is Signed and numbered by SHIGE an edition of 30.

Size: Image size: 960mm*486mm with a 35mm white border.
Total size: 995mm*521mm
Price: 162000 JPY (Tax-included)

Please make your payment for it as a single purchase.

Limited Edition Print "RINNE - Dojo-ji".
Giclee print on the high quality paper.

Signed and numbered in an edition of 200.

Size: Image size: 610mm*920mm
Total size: 685mm*1015mm
Price: 25000 JPY (Tax-included)

Please make your payment for it as a single purchase.

Framed limited Edition printed with the high quality paper and ink.
Each print is personally carved seal and numbered by SHIGE.

Limited edition of 25.

Size: 918*257mm (Framed)
Price: 56000 JPY (Tax-included)

Please make your payment for it as a single purchase.